Email Marketing

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter email templates.
Our professional graphic designers will create a campaign tailored to your practice.

Competitive pricing.
Campaigns priced at just 1¢ per recipient. We also offer high volume pricing.

Don’t get marked as spam.
Our marketing experts monitor your subscriber list, ensuring that your emails get delivered to the people who actually want them.

Deliver the information your patients need.
An email is the perfect method to get the word out about new services, new staff, and special events at your practice.

At a loss for words?
Browse our extensive library of medical articles and find the perfect feature to share with your subscribers.

There will be a design fee per email campaign. This fee includes the services of a real live graphic designer, who gives each email a professional look that matches your practice, in contrast to other email services, which only offer cookie-cutter email templates.

In addition you pay 1 cent per email address that you would like to send to. Our pricing is more competitive than other email marketing providers. Why is that? You pay per campaign, rather than paying a monthly fee, whether you send a campaign or not.

Unlimited Monthly Pricing:
We also offer unlimited monthly plans. Perfect for anyone who sends multiple campaigns each month. Please contact us for pricing.
In addition to the design of each email, we will also provide the following services for no additional charge:

  • A graphic designer will be assigned to your account, so you can let them know any changes you would like to see made.
  • We will run your campaign through design and spam tests.
  • We will manage your email list for you.
  • We will send the campaign for you.
  • We will give you access to our extensive library of pre-written articles, which you can use in your email.
  • Access to real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of each campaign you send.

Per Campaign Pricing:
These are sample costs for each time you send a campaign. These prices do not include design costs.

Subcribers 500 2,500 5,000 10,000
Cost Per
$5 $25 $50 $100

Sample Campaigns